• Cleaning


    <p>The first step to healthy skin is to have clean skin.</p> <p>The skin needs to be regenerated and oxygenated, since it is exposed to different factors such as: makeup, the fat itself, sun exposure, food, etc., for this, it is necessary to create the habit of cleaning it every day.</p> <p>In addition, cleaning is essential to achieve any result on your skin: luminosity, uniformity, vitality, anti-stain.</p> <p><strong>Take note! and start with cleaning!</strong></p>
  • Day


    <p>Face creams are the <strong>MUST</strong> of the daytime facial routine as skin looks much fresher and more active throughout the day.</p> <p>In the <strong>DAY</strong> category you can find the facial cream that best suits the main needs of your skin.</p> <p></p>
  • Night


    <p>Routines at night are as necessary as those during the day. The skin has its own regeneration mechanisms and the cells have a higher repair rate at night.</p> <p>In the <strong>NIGHT</strong> category you can find the balms that best suit the main needs of your skin. </p> <p></p>
  • Flash


    <p>Flash beauty products instantly restore exhausted, stressed or uncomfortable skin. </p> <p>They are fast-acting and multifunctional: they hydrate, calm, energize, de-stress and revitalize in a matter of minutes. </p> <p><strong>You will see your beautiful skin as fast as lightning!</strong></p>
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€19.95 (tax incl.)
De-stressing balm. It provides oxygen and energy to tired skin and detoxifies it against the effects of pollution. Strengthens, protects and hydrates the skin’s barrier. Helps the skin to rest. 8-hour-sleep repairing...
€34.95 (tax incl.)
Double serum with a light texture and ‘second skin’ silky effect that boosts the skin’s natural, anti-oxidant protection and defence. Innovative dual-phase system. Non-greasy texture with a silky, velvety feel....
€8.95 (tax incl.)
The first cleansing solution with tri-phase micellar technology that combines an aqueous phase with a double lipid phase. Three-phase micellar technology. Removes waterproof make-up. Contains treatment ingredients....
€16.95 (tax incl.)
Anti-redness facial day cream, soothing and protective, and specially formulated to calm and comfort the skin. Tested on sensitive skin. Improves the health of the skin. Preventive and corrective action. Innovative...
€19.95 (tax incl.)
A balm with a controlled peeling effect that guarantees safe and effective exfoliation night after night. Strengthens, protects and hydrates the skin barrier Gentle and controlled exfoliation action Enhances the...
€6.95 (tax incl.)
Revitalising facial mist with ultra-fine texture to apply anywhere and at any time of day. Immediate absorption, NO “wet effect”. Invisible protection against blue light. Gives the skin an immediate feeling of...
€5.95 (tax incl.)
DOUBLE ACTION gentle, purifying facial scrub gel that stimulates the natural regeneration of the skin. Powerful and gentle. Dual-action renewal and detox. Sensory experience of use and good cosmeticity. With active...
€19.95 (tax incl.)
Anti-ageing balm that resynchronises the cellular biological clock, by activating the skin’s nightly regeneration mechanism. Strengthens, protects and hydrates the skin barrier. Synchronises the natural regeneration...


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